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 Highest quality Professional Props Manufacture

From an Artist to an Artist

  Over 30 years XperiencE in the Entertainment industry

The following Props and equipment can be rented

Magic Illusions:         


Water/flames Levitation


Table of death

Modern art

Flying carpet

Asrah levitation

The lift


Dancing hanks complete act



Giant spiker

Mini zigzag cube

Mini zigzag cube on Gipsy chariot

Vampire illusion

Sub trunk metamorphosis

Suspended animation


Duck run Duck

Fog chamber

Dove cage

Sword fight metamorphosis


Alan Alan escape

Duck and chicken head swap

Complete acts:

Plate spinning act

Crossbow act

Aerial Sphere

Aerial Spiral

Alan Alan escape

Illusions act

Sway poles act



Wally the robot

Giant motorbike on stilts

For your event:

Truss FD34

FD34 corners

FD34 3 way junctions

(many combinations available)

Moving heads

LED pars 64

LED pars 56

LED bars

Sound system

Nivtec modular stage

Truss lifts

Event beamers

(up to 6x4.5 meters screen)

Projector screens

(front and back projection)

Lights controllers

Sound mixers


Laser screens

Pangolin control cards

Fog machines

Snow machines

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