Aerial Sphere bubble




Aerial Sphere bubble Prop

Metal work in stainless steel

Welded by certified welder

Diameter 1760mm

Acrylic 12mm thickness

Security latches

Static calculations included

Steel cables and swivel included

Optional: light kit including RGB Leds and control box….

This prop is one of our best design, used by the best aerialists in the business,

Including Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey performers,

Katrina Asfardi, Shannon Monni, Sharyn Monni, Svetlana Wottschel and the winner of Poland got talent

Aleksandra Kiedrowicz…

8 of this sphere are touring United States of America since 2011,

they are still in great conditions and they will be on tour

for 4 more years, talk about long lasting props…

Our service provide also polishing service at our workshop or

Anywhere in the World, just contact us for details…

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