Complete crossbow act for sale



Complete Crossbow act :

This is the safest crossbow act on the market…

1x high precision crossbow + target
With ‘’special’’ bolts for:
Baloon shooting
Paper cutting etc…

5x crossbows ‘’stacked’’
For shooting 5x Baloons at once missing assistent
Behind screen + stainless steel stand….

1X double wall target

1x Double crossbow for
shooting 2x  turning Baloons
1X double target with rotating arm (speed adjustble)

Domino Effect with 7x crossbows
Last bolt shoot a apple on the
Head of artist…. + Target
+ 7X policarbonate transparent sheets mounted on tripods
For audience safety…..

all metal in stainless steel  (not the polycarbonate screens tripods)

XperiencE magic made this act as safe as possible…

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